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In 2017 Russia is taking a large-scaled participation in the exhibition. Apart from the numerous delegates from Russia, which number reached more than 3 000 people in 2015, various machine tools and metalworking companies participate in EMO. Among them:


deltaDelta Test

Field of activity: development and production of high-precision EDM machines with numerical control and number of controlled axes up to 6 (ARTA is a registered trademark of SIC "Delta-Test")
Description of activity: the main range of our products and services:
- serial range EDM machines ARTA;
- development and production of special equipment according to technical specifications of the Customer;
- retrofitting of EDM equipment at the base of our CNC systems and technology current generators;
- the supply of consumables, accessories and parts.
Products: all the models of ARTA machine tools 100% manufactured at the SIC "Delta-Test" factory in Russia (Fryazino) – from machining of beds and parts to assembly, configuration, and testing of released equipment.
Distinctive features of the ARTA (registered trademark) EDM machines are:
• Efficient and flexible application of equipment for a wide range of EDM applications: from typical tasks (dies, molds, tools) to specific (production of various special parts, precision microerosion machining)
• The possibility of using ultrafine electrodes in diameter from 0.01 mm (10 microns)
• Cutting non-standard and difficult to machine materials (magnet, graphite, pyrolytic carbon «uglesitall», PCD, hard alloy, semiconductor and others)
• Relatively low energy and resource consumption, the ability to machining in ordinary water (without de-ionization), the affordable price of consumables and wearing parts and materials, minimum cost of manufacture of parts of small and medium overall class
• Prompt and affordable service, which enables clients to obtain current technical and technological advice at any level of complexity from the experts-developers of equipment, availability of all major spare parts on stock and quick dispatch



Field of activity: production, trade.
Description of activity: production of vertical milling machining centers, plane and grinding machines of wide diapason, magnetic facilities. The production sale is being conducted in the Russian Federation as well as abroad.
Production: 1. Vertical milling machining centers with simultaneous interpolation from 3 to 5 axis. 2. Plane machines with angled table, four-point table, round table and horizontal spill. Plane machines with round table and vertical spill. Console plane machines. 3. Grinding machines for internal grinding, external grinding, universal ones. 4. Magnetic, electromagnetic and discrete plating.


pumoriPumori Corporation

Field of activity: machine-building.
Description of activity: Pumori Corporation offers a one-stop solution for customers' needs. The package offer includes everything a metalworking business requires for its technical upgrade: machines, tools, and a complete package of engineering and leasing services. Pumori corporation has its own production and manufactures complex clamping tools (including unique designs).
Production: main products and services, offered by Pumori Corporation:
• Metal-working equipment
• Metal cutting tools and tooling systems
• Automation equipment
• Engineering
• Leasing


stankomashStankoMashStroy LLC

Field of activity: production of metalworking machines
Description of activity: StankoMashStroy is a machine-building company, mainly active in the manufacturing of modern metal machining equipment. For more than 10 years the company has been successfully selling equipment in Russia and CIS countries and became one of the 10 biggest suppliers. Main features about our company:
• Modern production facilities
• Individual approach to each customer
• More than 100 highly skilled specialists
• Production area and warehouse occupy 6000 m2
• Many sets of equipment in stock
• A commitment to continuous development
Production: conventional lathe ST16k20 series are modern versions of 16k20 and 16k25 machines and can be applied in different branches of industry for various machining operations with different materials: outer and inner diameter machining; outer, inner, metric, inch, modular, worm threading; drilling, boring, reaming. The machines are manufactured with the use of advanced technology, they are easy to operate and keep precision for a long time. Hardened and precision-ground helical gears of the main spindle improve performance, insure quiet operation and long operating life of the machine and smoothness of gear shifting.


sizSverdlovsk Tool Plant

Field of activity: production of metal-cutting tool.
Description of activity: it's hard to imagine the production of metal-cutting tool in Ekaterinburg and in Ural without one of the first Russian manufacturing enterprises such as Sverdlovsk Tool Plant. The enterprise has been tracing its history for more than 75 years and is famous for its high quality production, well-chosen and trained staff, superior equipment which allows to make universal and high-efficient tools.
Production: metal-cutting tool, carbide-tipped tool, broaching tool, power-driven tool, gear shaving cutters, gear cutters, face-milling cutters, drills, broaches, counterboring tools, screw cutting tools, split billets, single-point tools, rimers, drum saws.          



Field of activity: milling cut.
Description of activity: enterprise «SKIF-M» is created in 1993 from scientific laboratory and a site of special designs of the Belgorod factory of the mills solving a tasks on machining of products of aerospace techniques since 1978. «SKIF-M» is specialized on release of mills with indexable inserts from a hard alloy and removed hard alloyed inserts for milling. All designs of the released tool are created in own design office.
Production: more than 50 % of all tool made by the SKIF-M make mills for aerospace materials. Created as a result of own scientific researches executed in commonwealth with the leading scientific organisations of Russia, a mill for high-efficiency machining of titanium and heat resisting nickel alloys, as well as mills for high-speed machining of aluminium alloys occupy in the lead position in the world. Created in laboratory of plasma of the SKIF-M enterprise special coating of body of the mills, having low factor of a friction, considerably raises reliability of process of milling of difficult details of aerospace industry.
Besides, SKIF-M produces face mills, drills, tool holders for mills, indexable inserts, carbide endmills, terminal and end-cylindrical milling, disc cutters, special mills.


stankoinstrumentStankoinstrument Association

Field of activity: Stankoinstrument Association is aiming to consolidation of efforts and increasing of potential of machine-tool enterprises.
Description of activity:
• The Association is representing interests of members of Association in the
governmental institutions – the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council and State Duma of the Russian Federation.
• The Association is conducting the work with the Russian Engineering Union, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Trade and Industry Chamber of Russia, Union of Manufacturers of the Russian Federation.
• The Association is developing and strengthening connections with regional administration, national and sectoral associations, executive bodies of CIS and technical universities.
• The Association is developing and implementing events which purpose is the promotion of production and the protection of national manufacturers of machine-tool production.
• The Association is providing intellectual, financial, organizing, marketing and legal support of Association members offering them the wide spectrum of informational and other services.
• The Association is strengthening cooperation connections between enterprises of metal-tool sector. It is also supporting the development of international cooperation.
• The Association is supporting efforts of its members ensuring their participation within international specialized exhibition.
• The Association is organizing seminars, conferences, exhibitions, presentations and other events in accordance with the Association's Charter.
• The Association is publishing and distributing informational materials.



Field of activity:

  • Band saw machine production;
  • Band saws production;
  • Maintenance service        

Description of activity:
«KOSCO» is a group of companies, which specializes in production, and supply of machines, accessories and consumables.  «Kosco» offers cutting solutions of metal, aluminum, titan as well as non-metallic materials for aerospace industry and world leading manufacturers.
Production: high-tech Russian machines for cutting metal and non-metal pieces.

  • Wide range of adjustments
  • Low cutting thickness
  • Low material loss during the cutting blanks
  • Linear and curvilinear cutting
  • Combine of functions of pendulum, column and console machines